General manager of the speech

Since its establishment in 2005, the day the wind and rain across China and 11 years.
This eleven years, the day the Chinese side good governance, successfully from a small environmental companies to grow into "Xinyuan Technology" listed subsidiary of the Group.
This eleven years, the Chinese side forge ahead, in the transformation and innovation to explore the development path of China's environmental protection industry, ushered in wings;
This eleven years, the day China shoulder heavy responsibility, energy-saving emission reduction, fulfill the mission.

In the continuous self-examination and breakthrough, reform and innovation, the Chinese side always stick to their own development direction and values.
China has always been the spirit of the user first, integrity-based, quality of the first, the development of scientific and technological innovation concept;
This comes from our deepest awe: fear of the market, the fear of customers, the fear of partners, the cause of environmental protection in awe.
We strive to work every one of the indicators, each decision,
Must be responsible for the customer, the partner responsible for our generation of Xiangxi blue water and blue sky is responsible for.

We continue to develop and grow at the same time assume the responsibility of corporate citizens, to contribute to the community and serve the community.
Beyond today's success, in order to have the future glory.
The future, the cause of environmental protection in the journey, we look forward to working with friends from all walks of life go hand in hand for a better tomorrow!

General Manager: Sun Zhenshan

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